What Is the Best Treatment for Genital Herpes

Genital herpes can cause irritating blisters around in your mouth, around your lips, or near the genital parts of body. These blisters will not only cause irritation but also people do not like the appearance with blisters.  Moreover, if Herpes gets worse, the blisters can transform into cold sores and sores can transform into wounds from which, a fluid or blood will start oozing out. In this situation, the cure becomes difficult however not impossible. Here I am mentioning some of the best treatments for genital Herpes.

To cure genital Herpes completely, you may have to complete a medicine course that’s offered in different manners for different stages of the Genital Herpes such as early stage, middle stage, and final stage.

Initial Treatment:

Initial treatment usually lasts seven to ten days. This treatment is for the patients who are at the early stage of Genital Herpes. In the early stage, when the skin around the infected area started getting dried or tight as well as small swollen blisters may start to occur. Usually, these places are around your lips and genital parts. The medicines and cure that your doctor will suggest you for seven to 10 days will be to lessen the severity of symptoms and stop it from getting worst.

Intermittent treatment:

In less severe cases the Intermittent Treatment is offered to cure the Genital Herpes. This treatment is offered to the patients who don’t have a severe infection of genital herpes. In this treatment, some medicines are given to the patients that they will use in case they want the blisters to go away fast. In such cases, the blisters can vanish naturally; however, when you opt to Intermittent Treatment, the cure becomes faster.

Suppressive Treatment:

This treatment is for the patients who have got reoccurring symptoms of genital herpes. By reoccurring symptoms I mean, that when you see blisters and sores coming and going from your skin on a regular or irregular basis, then Suppressive Treatment is used to cure the problem. When you have experienced more than six reoccurring symptoms of genital herpes then your doctor will suggest you take Suppressive Treatment in which antiviral drugs like Aciclovir tablets are taken on a regular rather daily basis.

Around 70 to 80 percent of Americans adopt Suppressive Treatment to cure common but severe symptoms of genital herpes.

Using Antiviral Drugs:

Using antiviral drugs is the most common and easy to follow the treatment of Genital Herpes. Proper medicines used on the regular intervals of time means, you will be able to not only lessen the severity of herpes but it will also enable you to discourage the symptoms for longer periods of time. One thing you need to understand that using drugs like antivirals and antibiotics can only make your condition living with the Genital Herpes easier but you may not be able to cure it completely.

So these are some of the common treatments and cures you can adapt to counter genital herpes. Along with all the above-mentioned treatments, I would like to suggest to all of you to bring some positive changes in your routine such as taking care of the cleanliness of yours and your partner’s.